Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchairs are for pets who can still use their front legs, while back legs lightly touch the ground or are safely held up in stirrups. Walkin’ Wheels Full Support (4-Wheel/Quad) wheelchairs are for dogs with weakness in their front and rear legs. Fully adjustable and made with a top quality, lightweight aluminum frame.


Walkin’ Scooter

The Walkin’ Scooter is designed for dogs and cats to protect their paralyzed rear limbs while they scoot around indoors. This product is great for when the patient is not using their wheelchair, as it can be used for extended periods of time and allows them to rest while still secured in. The base is padded with closed cell memory foam for long-term comfort and durability.

Walkin' Drag Bag

Walkin’ Drag Bag

Protects disabled rear limbs and the chest from scraping against flooring when not in a wheelchair. Offers a mesh panel for ventilation and is machine washable nylon.

Walkin' Ski Attachment

Walkin’ Ski Attachment

Lightweight skis interchange easily with standard wheels and struts on Walkin’ Wheels to provide easy gliding in snow. Compatible with every size Walkin’ Wheels rear wheelchair.

Walkin' Belly Support

Walkin’ Belly Support

Provides additional support for dog’s back while in Walkin’ Wheels. Raises middle of pet’s body to relieve back stress. Made of lightweight, strong neoprene material and secures to the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair with touch fasteners for a comfortable fit.