Walkin’ Drag Bag

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Product Details

The Walkin’ Drag Bag protects disabled hind limbs and chests from sores caused by scraping and dragging. Keep pets mobile and comfortable even when they’re not in their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs.


  • Constructed of durable nylon and features a mesh panel for ventilation
  • Comfortable for pets to wear for extended periods of time
  • Great for incontinent pets – keeps bedding and blankets dry
  • Easy to Clean
  • The Walkin’ Drag Bag Prokit comes with 1 of each size

Clinical Advantages:

  • Ideal for paralyzed patients for indoor use when not using their Walkin’ Wheels
  • Allows patients to lay down and rest when needed
  • Patients with complete rear paralysis
  • Prevent hind leg/feet licking Post-Op or after an injury in paralyzed pets


The weight of the dog on the sizing guide is for reference only. Every dog is shaped differently, and we recommend using the length measurement as your primary measurement.

When measuring start at the base of the rib cage. Every dog positions their legs differently, and this can change the size drag bag your pet needs. If your pet’s legs extend behind them as they drag measure to the tips of their toes, if your dog sits on their legs as they scoot, measure to the end of the rump.

measure dog for Walkin' Drag Bag

If your pet falls between sizes and you need help choosing the correct size, please contact us.

XSmall9 – 12 lbs11″
Small 10 – 19 lbs13″
Medium20 – 30 lbs15.5″
Large31 – 45 lbs19″
XLarge45 – 65 lbs22″


See how the Walkin’ Drag Bag works!


How long can a pet stay in the drag bag?
The drag bag features the screened panel for ventilation, so there is no problem leaving the dog in the drag bag for longer periods of time. If the dog is incontinent then hygiene needs to be maintained, even if the dog is wearing a diaper.

Can the Drag Bag be used outside?
We recommend the drag bag for indoor use and to help your pet easily maneuver indoor obstacles. Although, constructed of durable materials rough surfaces like concrete, pavement, stones and other outdoor obstacles can cause the bag to wear out over time. For outdoor use we recommend pets use the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

Is it ok to leave a pet unattended in the Drag Bag?
Most pets are very comfortable in the Drag Bag and can wear it for extended periods of time without issue. However, every case is different, and some pets may require an adjustment period. You will get to know the pet’s limitations and comfort level and be able to judge this based on the individual circumstances.

How do I care for it?
The drag bag should always be cleaned by hand and air dried. We recommend that incontinent pets have more than one drag bag, so when one is being cleaned there is another for them to wear.

If a pet is incontinent can they wear a diaper while using the Drag Bag?
Yes, the drag bag is perfect for incontinent pets and can be worn with a diaper or male wrap. The water-resistant material of the r bag can easily be wiped clean and air dried.

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