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Proven Professional (Pro) Kits

Proven Professional (Pro) Kits

Our Proven Professional Kits are designed to bring convenience to your practice so that you can effectively fit and assist clients with a quicker turn around time. Kits can be customized to best fit your practice or facility needs and are specially priced to make it cost-effective to have them on hand. The Pro Kits can also be used as measurement tools in order to give your clients the freedom to make purchases on their own with confidence in the fit, meanwhile providing you with a veterinary referral commission.

For direct pricing details for all the custom Professional Kits listed on this page, our Veterinary Outreach & Support Department is available to discuss your needs and options by phone or email.

Please note that if ordering a Pro Kit through a specific product page, you will receive one of each size for that particular item rather than the contents of a custom kit listed on this page.

  • Walkin` Fit Adjustable SplintDog in Walkin` Fit Adjustable Splint

    Adjustable Splint Pro Kit

    The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint is designed to provide a comfortable, customizable fit for any pet and designed to stabilize and support either a pet’s Tarsal or Carpal joints. This splint features an adjustable angle to accommodate a pet’s front or back leg.

    This Kit Includes:

    • 1 – Extra Small
    • 1 - Small
    • 1 - Medium
    • 1 - Large
    • 1 – Extra Large

    NOTE: Replacement parts can be purchased using your professional vet pricing discount.

  • Walkin' Wheels Pro Kit

    Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair Pro Kit

    Help give patients the exercise they need to live healthy, active lives!

    The Walkin’ Wheels Pro Kit is designed to help you customize your patients’ wheelchairs to get them back up and moving. The fully adjustable wheelchairs are convenient and can be tailored to fit a wide range of patients. This Rear Wheelchair Kit offers you all the parts you need to easily improve your patient’s mobility challenges. With interchangeable and adjustable snap-in wheels and struts, the veterinarian approved Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs are sure to proactively modernize your practice.

    This kit includes:

    • • 1 – Mini B2 Wheelchair
    • • 1 – Small Wheelchair Frame
    • • 1 – 9” Strut x 8” Wheel Set (Small)
    • • 1 – Medium Wheelchair Frame
    • • 1 – Large Wheelchair Frame
    • • 6 – Assorted Wheel Kits, 1 of each size

    NOTE: Replacement products can be purchased for 50% off. This kit also qualifies your practice for the Pro Series Referral Program.

  • Front No-Knuckle Training SockNo-Knuckle Training Sock pro-kit

    No Knuckling Training Sock Pro Kit

    The No-Knuckling training tool PRO kit offers temporary solutions for short-term usage. The no-knuckling socks helps correct gait and improve canine hind paw placement. Assist patients who drag their back or front paws or for their back paws for dogs who are recovering from spinal surgery.

    This kit includes:

    Choose 12 of any size Rear or Front No Knuckling Training sock:

    • • X-Small
    • • Small
    • • Medium
    • • Large
    • • X-Large (Front Only)

    NOTE: Replacement parts can be purchased using your professional vet pricing discount.