Walkin' Wheels Certification Training

Walkin’ Wheels Certification Training

We have recently updated our free 5-episode training webinar for 2024 so pet professionals can learn everything they need to know to become Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair experts.

This free certification will give you full knowledge of the assistive and rehabilitative uses of our wheelchair and gain you top search results on our pet professional map directory. We want our customers to have access to pet professionals who understand our product—it’s a win-win!

Upon completion of each (15-minute) episode, a brief 5-10 question quiz will be offered to see how much you’ve learned. When you complete all five (5) quizzes, you will become “Walkin’ Wheels Certified.” (Each quiz can be taken as many times as needed to get 100% correct and to move on to the next one.)

Once you complete the series, you will receive your “Walkin’ Wheels Certified” certificate, and we will place your name and practice in our directory, tagged as “Walkin’ Wheels Certified.”

The online educational series will cover:

  1. Getting to know Walkin` Pets: Assessment, measurement, product specs
  2. The Basics: Assembly and application of all Walkin’ Wheels frame sizes
  3. Full Support/4-Wheel: Assembling, acclimation Parts, upgrades, and fun stuff
  4. Fitting & Terminology: Learn the lingo and how to properly fit a pet to our products
  5. Therapeutic Uses: In-hospital uses for rehabilitation and case studies