Testimonial: Two Hands Four Paws

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Two Hands Four Paws is a busy small animal rehabilitation facility in West Los Angeles. Established in 1998, we usually see around 50 patients a day. Primarily dogs and cats but we get the occasional guinea pig, rabbit and wolf-hybrid.

All of our veterinarians, therapists and acupuncturists are certified in Canine Rehabilitation. Besides using lasers, ultrasound and e-stim we are firm believers in the benefits of hydro-therapy. Our two water treadmills and heated indoor 15,000-gallon saltwater pool are in constant use.

We fit 60-70 two-wheel or quad-carts per year. Sometimes they’re for permanent use at home but many times as part of a patient’s recovery. We like Walkin’ Wheels carts for their flexibility. We’ve moved patients from four wheels to two and vice-versa.

Stroke or spinal cord injury victims sometime start with a quad cart, move to a two-wheel cart and then don’t need the cart at all as they get stronger and are able to support themselves. We also appreciate their ability to fold down for transport. Bernese Mtn. Dogs, Great Danes and German Shepherds are already large enough!

Fast delivery is also nice. We can see a patient on Monday and have him/her in a cart by the end of the week!

Bryan McMahon
Two Hands Four Paws
2240 Federal Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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