Testimonial: Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre

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Dear Walkin’ Pets,

We are the first and only FULL SERVICE dog (and cat) rehabilitation and fitness clinic in the Niagara region. We have even treated 2 birds and a rabbit! Our staff includes a physiotherapist and a veterinarian, both certified in canine rehab, as well as a vet tech who is a certified rehab assistant. Together, they provide LASER, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, acupuncture and manual therapy. They also develop customised in-clinic and at-home therapeutic exercise programs for rehabilitation and conditioning purposes.

Our facility has a fully equipped gym area as well as a 10’x18’ heated swimming pool, which is enjoyed by our rehab patients and recreational swimmers alike.

We are suppliers of the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs and love how easy they are to fit to our patients as well as their adjustability. This has enabled us to rent wheelchairs to improve quality of life in the short term for patients with degenerative conditions as the chairs can be reused more easily after those patients pass on. Another client purchased a chair for her tetraplegic dog so that he can go on longer walks with the rest of his pack and she is thrilled that she will be able to adjust it for other dogs she may have in the future.

Our most famous patient (he is recognised all over town as “the dog in the wheelchair”) is also the most rewarding…an inoperable spinal tumour has stolen the function of his LH and his RH is weak but his spirit is strong, so we put him in a chair.
We’re sure he was smiling as he realised that he could run again! He is also using the Walkin’ Lift Rear harness and his owner loves how easy it is to use and finds it very helpful because it is compatible with his chair. We are glad to be able to offer a rear-only harness to clients who are unwilling or unable to purchase the full body products from other companies.

Keri Evers, DVM, CCRP
Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre, Inc.
Unit 5A, 188 Bunting Rd.
St. Catharines, ON
L2M 3Y1
P: 289-362-5900
F: 289-362-5901

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