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Dear Walkin’ Pets,

Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation Fitness and Pain Management is a hospital with two underwater treadmills, a Swim Ex current pool, therapeutic lasers, two gyms filled with rehabilitation equipment, and most importantly, veterinarians and therapists who are highly trained in rehabilitation.

Everyone at GVR uses their training and equipment to improve the lives of dogs suffering from arthritis, trauma, neurologic conditions, injury, post-surgical pain, and other ailments.

“Doctor driven rehabilitation that is done well makes a huge improvement in the quality of life of our patients,” said Dr. Evelyn Orenbuch, who founded GVR and is board-certified in veterinary rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Sometimes GVR patients who have suffered neurological damage need assistive carts or anti-knuckling devices like the No-Knuckling Training Sock so they can get around and enjoy life. GVR keeps a small fleet of wheelchairs in all sizes, including one of each size of Walkin’ Wheels to rent out to clients. GVR staff also measures patients to order custom carts and ensures that each cart fits precisely to each dog.

Each time one of those dogs happily trots off with cart wheels spinning, they know they’ve just created another success story, for dog and human alike!

Evelyn Orenbuch, DVM, DACVSMR, CAVCA
Medical Director, Ga Veterinary Rehabilitation, Fitness and Pain Management
www.GaVetRehab.com 678-803-2626 info@gavetrehab.com
Founding Board Member of Amer. Assoc. of Rehabilitation Veterinarians, www.rehabvets.org
BluePearl Veterinary Partner
1230 Johnson Ferry Place (Suite J-70)
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: (678) 803-2626

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