Wheel and Tire Hardware (Set of 2)

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Product Details

Replacement Wheel and Tire Hardware for Small, Medium and Large Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs


If you are changing wheel sizes, you might need the appropriate hardware to use with the new wheel size. Please see the chart below to select the appropriate new hardware:

If you haveYou are buyingHardware needed
4″ wheels8″ wheels8″ Wheel Hardware
8″ wheels12″ wheels12″ Wheel Hardware *
16″ wheels18″ wheelsYou do not need new hardware

* When going from 8″ to 12″ wheels, if your Strut size is 9″ or 12″ then you will need a different strut. The 9″ and 12″ Struts made for 8″ wheels use a 1/4″ axle while the struts for 12″ wheels use a 1/2″ axle. If you need these additional struts, Click Here.

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