Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness

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Product Details

The Walkin’ Lift Warrior Rear Harness provides clients and their pets with the rear lifting support they need. Whether the patient is recovering from injury, surgery, or hind leg weakness the Warrior Rear Harness gives pets the boost they need to stay mobile. Clients who rely on a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair or may in the future, can use their harness in place of the standard leg rings for additional support and comfort in their cart. Available in three bright, camouflage colors, select the harness that matches their Walkin’ Wheels or your client’s personality!


  • Constructed of durable, fleece-lined canvas
  • Harness allows pets to comfortably urinate and defecate while wearing
  • Provide safe lifting assistance to pets who need aid standing up, on stairs, or help in or out of the car
  • Walkin’ Wheels compatible – replaces leg rings for rear support

Clinical Advantages:

  • Ideal for in hospital use as patients recover from surgery or injury
  • Recommend for patient use at home post-op
  • Introduce harness into rehab sessions where additional hind end support is needed


Conditions that Benefit:

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • As patients heal from orthopedic injury
  • Arthritis
  • Rear Leg Weakness

Professional Use

How to Incorporate the Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness into Your Practice

  • In hospital use during treatment walks for pets with limb weakness, recovering from orthopedic and/or spinal surgery, FCE or injury from trauma.
  • During rehab exercises such as treadmill patterning, weaving or cavaletti poles for pets weak in hind legs or recovering from surgery. Great for assisted standing use with weight shifting while still offering support.
  • Perfect for patients dealing with progressive mobility loss, compatible Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.
  • To provide rear end support during rehabilitation when support is needed during the recovery process only.
  • This is great for senior pets who may need a little more support during walks or while recovering from injury.


Measure the girth of one of your dog’s back legs, all the way around at the widest part (thigh).

Walkin Lift Rear Sizing
SizeGirth of leg
XXSmall7″ or Less
XSmall7 – 9″
Small 10 – 11″
Medium12 – 13″
Medium/Large14 – 15″
Large16 – 18″
XLarge19 – 22″

If the measurement is between sizes, go down a size. For example, if the measurement is 13-3/4 inches, order a size Medium; if the measurement is 18-1/2 inches, order a size Large, and so on.

How to Measure for the Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness!


Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness Instructional Video:

Attaching the Warrior Rear Harness to the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair:

Step by step:

  1. Lay harness on the ground, camo side down with fleece facing up. There is no front or back – use whichever side is most comfortable for your dog’s anatomy.
  2. Place each rear leg through leg hole, slide the harness up your dog’s legs (like a pair of shorts).
  3. Fasten clips over dog’s back and tighten tri-glides for comfortable fit. Once adjusted correctly the webbing can be woven back through the tri-glide to keep adjustment secure.

Attaching Handle:
The adjustable handles attach to the round harness clips, attach to clip using spring hooks. Handle length can be adjusted to your preference and comfort.
Connecting to the Wheelchair:
The round black harness clips run over the wheelchair frame and attach to the shoulder socket screws (silver pegs) at the rear of your pet’s Walkin’ Wheels. Push upward to lock and click into place. When assembled correctly the round circles will point towards the ground.


Can pets relieve themselves while using the Warrior Rear Harness?
Yes, the Warrior Rear Harness is designed for pets to both urinate and defecate cleanly while wearing the harness. Whether male or female, the harness will accommodate a pet’s anatomical needs. Each harness features two different cutouts to accommodate either male or female dogs, simply rotate the harness to whichever one is most comfortable for your pet.

Is the Warrior Rear Harness wheelchair compatible?
Yes, the Warrior Rear harness is fully compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. It can be used to support your patient during rehab sessions or quick walks and is designed to clip into the wheelchair in place of the leg ring support.

Does the Warrior Rear Harness support pets on their daily walk?
Yes, the harness is designed to support a dog’s hind end while they go about everyday tasks. Perfect for hind end support on short walks, assisting injured pets in and out of the car, assistance on the stairs and getting a pet up from laying down or sitting. For clients who use a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair on their walks, the rear harness can be clipped right into their cart for added comfort and rear support.

My client falls between sizes, who do I select the right size?
If your patient is in between sizes, we recommend going down one size. Need help deciding which size is right? Call us at 866-578-2926 our Veterinary Support team is happy to help your client get the perfect size Warrior Rear Harness.

Are the Warrior Rear Harness straps adjustable?
Yes, the harness handles adjust so that your clients can find the perfect handle height for their comfort. Allowing them to safely support their pet without lifting their entire weight or straining their back.
Adjustable handle size ranges from 4.5″ to 27″

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