Walkin’ Warrior Harness

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Product Details

The Walkin’ Warrior Harness is a stylish and comfortable-fitting walking harness that can be used for any pet. This harness offers the perfect solution for patients who need to avoid pressure on the cervical region that can be caused by pulling. Harness design redirects pulling pressure to a pet’s shoulders and chest. Fully compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair (Small, Medium, and Large frame sizes). The Warrior Harness offers a comfortable upgraded front harness for the wheelchair.


  • Easily Adjustable: Features adjustable straps at chest and neck for customized fit
  • Harness features a top handle for instant control of pet
  • Durable: High tensile strength, resistance to break free
  • Available in five sizes to accommodate a range of breeds

Clinical Advantages:

  • Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent pulling and choking
  • Safely walk patients that need to avoid placing additional pressure on cervical area


warrior front sizing graphic

Measure the girth of your dog’s chest right behind the front legs all the way around the body (the widest part of the rib cage)

XSmall11 – 14″14.5 – 18″5 – 16 lbs
Small15 – 20″20 – 26″15 – 33 lbs
Medium17.5 – 23″23.5 – 30″28 – 55 lbs
Large22.5 – 29.5″28 – 37″60 – 88 lbs
XLarge27.5″ – 36″31.5″ – 43.3″88 – 150 lbs


  1. Unclip bottom belly strap and place harness over pet’s head.
  2. Place bottom strap under pet’s belly (behind the front legs).
  3. Adjust chest strap and belly strap for snug fit. When fitted correctly front strap should run across pet’s chest and bottom strap should fit securely behind the dog’s front legs.
  4. Attach leash to metal D-Ring clip on back, and you’re ready to go!


Is the Warrior Harness compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels?
This harness is designed to attach to the rear Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Compatible with Small, Medium and Large rear wheelchairs.

Can the Warrior Harness be worn for extended periods of time?
Yes, this harness is designed with the pet’s comfort on mind and features a breathable mesh lining to keep pets cool.

Can the Warrior Harness help increase pet’s visibility?
Yes, with the harness’s bold color pattern and the reflective stitching on it’s nylon webbing the Warrior Harness ensures pet safety and visibility on walks.

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