Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash

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Product Details

The Walkin’ Up-N-Go rear support leash is a quick and easy way to keep patients mobile during recovery and support weak hind legs. The leash is designed to lift and support a pet’s rear end easily. Perfect for post-operative care and patients in the early stages of mobility loss.


  • Made of durable nylon webbing with cushioned leg rings
  • Harness is designed to allow pets to urinate and defecate while wearing
  • Help disabled and injured pets rise from a prone position, provide aid on the stairs, and help pets in and out of vehicles.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Safe control after surgery & post-op recovery: Dog Total Hip Replacements, Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA), Cruciate Repair, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Send home with patients for at-home use during post-op recovery
  • Help lift & get dogs on feet to walk again during rehab sessions

Adjustable leg ring size ranges:
Up-N-Go Mini: 4″ – 8″, available in Red with ½” wide webbing
Up-N-Go: 6″ – 12″, available in Blue with 1″ wide webbing


Ideal for the following conditions:

  • Early-Stage Neurological Conditions
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • Post-Op Recovery
  • Hip Dysplasia & Arthritis
  • Rear Leg Weakness
  • Pets in the Early Stages of Mobility Loss


Product SizeWeight RangeLeash WidthColor
Up-n-Go Mini5 – 20 lbs.½”Red
Up-n-Go20 lbs. and over1″Blue

Professional Use

How to Incorporate the Up-n-Go Leash into Your Practice

  • In-hospital use during treatment walks for pets with limb weakness, recovering from orthopedic or spinal surgery, FCE, or injury from trauma.
  • During rehab exercises such as treadmill patterning, weaving, or cavaletti poles for pets weak in hind legs or recovering from surgery. Great for assisted standing use with weight shifting while still offering support.
  • Sending home after surgery or injury makes life easier for pet owners.
  • To provide rear-end support during rehabilitation when only light support or needed or when support is required during the recovery process only.
  • This is great for senior pets who may need a little more support during walks or while recovering from injury.




Lay the Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash on the ground behind your patient.



While your patient is lying down, place a hind leg into each loop.



Raise the loops and adjust the pads to fit comfortably underneath your patient.



Adjust the length of the leash handle so you can comfortably assist your patient.



To provide optimal support, hold the Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash above the dog’s hips, not over the tail.


How do I determine the correct size support leash for a pet?
It’s simple to select the correct size Up-n-Go Support for your patient; no measurements required!

Up-N-Go Mini for pets 2 – 20 lbs.

Up-N-Go for pets 20 – 150 lbs.

*Most Corgis require the Mini size

My patient struggles to stand up. Will this help?
The rear support leash is designed to help senior and arthritic pets at the earliest stages of mobility loss. It can easily slip on a dog’s legs while laying down to support them as they stand. The Up-n-Go is an excellent alternative to a towel or scarf to send home with patients as they heal.

Can I fully lift a dog off the ground with the Up-N-Go?
You should never entirely suspend a dog using the rear support leash.

I want to send a rear support leash with each of my post-op patients. Do you offer bulk pricing?
We offer bulk pricing on purchases of 12 or more rear support leashes. Bulk pricing is only available through our Veterinary Outreach team; for more information, please call us at 1-866-578-2926.

Does the Up-N-Go rear support leash act as a replacement for the towel post-op?
The Up-n-Go rear support leash is an excellent alternative to the towel during a pet’s recovery. This leash acts as a simple rear support walking aid to support any pet struggling with hind leg weakness gently. Offer clients an easy way to help walk their pet, climb stairs, assist their best friend into the car, and get outside for bathroom breaks without straining their back.

Can the rear support leash help a pet who needs assistance to get up from a prone position?
The rear support leash is intended to help pets who cannot stand on their own. The Up-N-Go helps dogs that find it difficult to stand up after laying down for an extended time or struggle to push off the ground with their hind legs. The leash can easily slip onto a dog’s back legs while they’re still lying down.

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