Walkin’ Small Premium Front Vest

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Product Details

The Walkin’ Small Premium Front Vest is compatible with the Small Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair to comfortably fit small breed pets. The front vest replaces the standard Walkin’ Wheels front harness.


  • Durable neoprene material, secures with touch fastener
  • Compatible with Small and Corgi Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair
  • Replaces standard wheelchair front harness
  • The Walkin’ Small Premium Front Vest Prokit comes with 1 of each size for the small wheelchair

Clinical Advantages:

  • Ideal for small pets with broad chests such as Dachshund, French Bulldog, Corgi and Boston Terrier
  • Recommended for patients who shouldn’t have leash pressure on the cervical region
  • Harness safely transfers pulling pressure to shoulders and chest
  • Get the perfect fit for Walkin’ Wheels rear wheelchair

Professional Use

How to incorporate the Small Front Vest for in practice use:

  • Comfortable harness for patients who need to avoid leash pressure on cervical region
  • Clips on side of harness are great for land or underwater treadmill use, safely secure patients while on treadmill for safety and support
  • Great for in hospital use for patients recovering for surgery


Measure the girth of your dog’s chest right behind his front legs all the way around body (the widest part of the rib cage).

SizeGirth of ChestGirth of Neck
Small14 – 16.5″ / 35.6 – 41.9 cm9.5″ / 24.1 cm
Medium16 – 18.5″ / 40.6 – 47.0 cm11″ / 27.94 cm
Med/Large18 – 20.5″ / 45.7 – 52.1 cm12″ / 30.5 cm
Large20 – 22.5″ / 50.8 – 57.2 cm14″ / 35.6 cm
XLarge22 – 24.5″ / 55.9 – 62.2 cm14″ / 35.6 cm
XXLarge24 – 26.5″ / 61 – 67.3 cm16″ / 40.6 cm
small front vest measurement graphic



Is the Small Premium Front Vest compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair?
Yes, the front vest is designed to fit pets using the Small Walkin’ Wheels.

Is there a Front Vest for the Mini Wheelchair?
Yes, the Mini Front Vest is available for pets between 2 and 10 lbs. using the Mini Wheelchair.

Will the Small Premium Front Vest work with my patient’s front wheel attachment?
This harness is designed to work with the rear Walkin’ Wheels only. If adding a front attachment, we recommend using the Walkin’ Small Front Quad Harness.

Will this harness work for larger pets?
For larger pets that need an upgraded harness option, compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair we recommend the Walkin’ Combo Harness.

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