Stirrups (Set of 2)

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Product Details

Stirrups come standard with all Walkin’ Wheels Rear Wheelchairs. They attach to the rear of the wheelchair with reinforced plastic clips, and fasten above the patient’s hock joint to keep their paralyzed hind legs suspended up off the ground. This will prevent dragging wounds while the patient is in the wheelchair. We do not recommend that the stirrups be used for animals who have movement in the rear legs. This can affect their balance in the wheelchair, and it will prevent them from maintaining muscle mass in the hind quarters.

The size of stirrups that ship with a wheelchair is determined by the frame size as well as the wheel size. These can be purchased separately if you need a larger or smaller size when a new dog is using the wheelchair.


How to Choose the Right Size

Wheel SizeWheelchair SizeStirrups Size
B1Walkin’ Wheels Mini2″
B2, B3, & B4Walkin’ Wheels Mini4″
4″ WheelsWalkin’ Wheels Small & Medium5″
8″ WheelsWalkin’ Wheels Medium8″
12″ WheelsWalkin’ Wheels Medium & Large12″
16″ WheelsWalkin’ Wheels Medium & Large15″

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