The SleePee Time Bed

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Product Details

The SleePee Time Bed is an elevated bed to help incontinent pets to get a good night’s sleep. The mesh bed allows urine to flow through to a sturdy tray underneath to keep pets dry, protecting their skin and the floor.


  • Soft, fleece bolsters keep pets comfortable and secure
  • Easy to clean mesh bed simply wipe clean
  • Great for incontinent aging, or arthritic pets

Clinical Advantages:

  • Elevated bed helps avoid urine burns and skin irritation
  • Allows air to circulate under pet to promote comfort and evaporation
  • Bed is low to the ground – great for pets with orthopedic conditions or mobility issues


MediumFor dogs up to 25 pounds21 x 27″ / 53.3 x 68.6 cm
LargeFor dogs up to the size of a lab or golden retriever27″ x 39″ / 68.6 x 99.1 cm

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