Leg Rings

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Product Details

Leg rings come standard with all Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs. These leg rings can be substituted if a replacement is needed due to wear and tear or if a longer/shorter option is needed for a particular patient’s body shape.

The leg rings are adjustable, and ideally they should sit about 2 inches below the frame of the wheelchair once the rear end is placed into them. They can also double as a rear lifting harness when the excess of straps is fastened to itself on either side.


How to Choose the Right Size

Wheelchair SizeWheel SizeLeg Rings
Walkin’ Wheels Mini B12″Mini 5.5″
Walkin’ Wheels Mini B2, B3, B44″Mini 7″
Walkin’ Wheels Small4″6″
Walkin’ Wheels Small8″8″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium4″ & 8″11″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium12″ struts with 8″ wheels13″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large8″ & 12″13″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large16″17″

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