Front Harness

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Product Details

The Front Harness comes standard with any Walkin’ Wheels Rear Wheelchair. This replacement harness can be substituted if you need to change out due to wear and tear.

Sizing of the harness is specific to the wheelchair frame that it will be used with. The Mini versions easily screw into any size Mini Wheelchair frame using a thumbscrew system. The Small through Large sizes clip into a wheelchair frame using a heavy-duty plastic D-Ring clip.

All versions include durable neoprene fabric along the shoulder panels to help pull any pressure from the wheelchair frame away from the patient’s body. The Front Harness also includes three neoprene comfort sleeves that wrap around the adjustable straps and can be cut down to size

Please note that this harness is not compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels Quad/Full Support Wheelchairs.


How to Choose the Right Size

Girth of ChestWheelchair SizeHarness Size
up to 18″Walkin’ Wheels Mini with 2″ WheelsMini with 2″ Wheels
up to 18″Walkin’ Wheels Mini with 4″ WheelsMini with 4″ Wheels
up to 29″Walkin’ Wheels Small OnlySmall
30 – 48″Walkin’ Wheels Corgi Wheelchair OnlyCorgi
30 – 48″Walkin’ Wheels Medium & LargeMedium
49 – 73″150 lbs. and UpLarge

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