Buddy Up™ Quad Compatibility Panel

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Product Details

Make your dog’s Buddy Up™ Harness compatible with their Full Support Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. The Buddy Up Quad Panel converts your dog’s front harness so that it can easily attach to your dog’s new wheelchair front attachment. The panel features a pocket underneath to attach securely to your dog’s existing Buddy Up Front Harness. The panel attaches to the wheelchair frame to comfortably support your dog’s front torso during cart time.


Ideal for the following conditions:

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • Post-Op Recovery
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Weakened limbs or balance issues

Professional Use

How to Incorporate the Buddy Up Harness into Your Practice

  • In-hospital use during treatment walks for pets with limb weakness, recovering from orthopedic and/or spinal surgery, FCE, or injury from trauma.
  • During rehab exercises such as treadmill patterning, weaving or cavaletti poles for pets with weak legs or recovering from surgery. Great for assisted standing use with weight shifting while still offering support.
  • Ideal for canines debilitated as a result of old age, severe arthritis, or neurological disease. Use with patients dealing with progressive mobility loss that will degenerate and worsen over time. Utilize both the Rear and Front Buddy Up Harness to offer full body support. Harness clips can be removed from the front harness, and the Quad Panel added for use with full support wheelchairs.


SizeCompatible WithWeight Range
SmallSmall Buddy Up Harness30-44 lbs
MediumMedium Buddy Up Harness45-64 lbs
LargeLarge Buddy Up Harness65-94 lbs
XLargeXLarge Buddy Up Harness95-150 lbs
The size quad panel that your pet needs will directly correlate to the size of the Buddy Up Front Harness they use now


  1. Prepare the Buddy Up Front Harness (sold separately): First, use a Philip’s head screwdriver to remove the D-Ring, and slide clips out from the side pockets of the Buddy-Up Front Harness. Fit the harness to your pet.
  2. To attach the Buddy Up Quad Panel to the Buddy Up Harness, weave the second furthermost abdominal strap of the Buddy Up Front Harness through the interior pocket of the Quad Panel, then buckle the strap securely. Pull the front end of the panel up between the pet’s front legs to the front of the chest.
  3. With the pet sitting or lying on the ground, position the assembled Full Support Walkin Wheels Wheelchair (sold separately) around your patient.
  4. Using the Buddy Up Front Harness handle to help lift your client to the standing position, clip the quad panel’s front set of wheelchair clips to the front shoulder socket screws on the wheelchair’s extenders up and over the frame. Repeat with the quad panel’s back set of wheelchair clips.
  5. Adjust the quad panel’s webbing straps as needed so the dog is properly supported in the wheelchair, with the front paws lightly touching the ground.

Note: The Buddy Up Quad Panel is compatible with the Medium and Large Full Support Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs Only. Use in conjunction with the Buddy Up Front and Rear Harnesses (sold separately).


Is the Buddy Up Quad Panel compatible with my client’s wheelchair?

The Buddy Up Quad Panel is compatible with the Medium, Medium/Large, and Large Full Support Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair and should be used in conjunction with the Buddy Up Front Harness.

My patient’s back legs have started to weaken. Is there a compatible rear harness?

The Buddy Up lift harness can adapt to a pet’s changing mobility. Our fully compatible Buddy Up Rear Harness can be added to give your dog additional hind leg support. Both harnesses can easily clip into your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair (sizes Medium and Large).

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