Walkin’ Wheels Amputee Leg Ring Cover

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Product Details

The Amputee Leg Ring Cover is the perfect accessory for patients with one or more smooth amputations who are using the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. Made of a breathable lightweight neoprene fabric, the amputee cover simply slips over any size leg rings in the front or rear of a wheelchair. This will help the patient to balance their weight better for stabilization, and will also provide more comfort.

This item is machine washable, but should be hung to dry.


How to Choose the Right Size

SizeWheelchair Size
XSmallMini Wheelchair
SmallSmall Wheelchair
MediumMedium Wheelchair
LargeLarge Wheelchair


Assembly & Usage Instructions

amputee cover for dog wheelchair

Unclip both straps on one side of the wheelchair and feed through small opening of amputee cover.

amputee cover for dog wheelchair

Keep pulling the strap

amputee cover for dog wheelchair

Position the cover and reclip to the wheelchair pegs until it locks in place.

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