How Reiki Can Help Your Pets

By Jason Wickens

We all adore our pets, whether they are dogs, cats or any other type of furry friend. Our love for them is due in part to the way we see them as part of our family, so when they are unwell we do what we can to help them. Of course the vet is always the first port of call, but have you heard how reiki healing can not only help people, but animals too? You may be amazed at how this therapy can turn your pet into a much happier and healthier soul.

Since this Japanese healing form was ‘discovered’ in the early 20th Century by Dr. Mikao Usui it has been used as a complementary therapy for treating people with various health issues. Today you can find reiki practitioners in just about every town and city. However, reiki is also now being seen as a viable therapy treatment for animals too.

Reiki works on many different levels. It has been called a spiritual therapy, but in reality it’s more of an energy based system. So what is an energy therapy you might ask? Amazingly, everything is made up of energy, whether human, animal, plant or rock. Physicists have discovered that atoms are made of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature.

When our energy fields are unbalanced or depleted this creates problems that can manifest as physical or emotional problems. Reiki can help to rebalance your own energy to help yourself heal. This applies to all animals too, and by tuning into the animal’s unique energy signature, a reiki therapist can direct ‘ki’ energy to the animal. This can be done with hands laid on the animal or just above them. It can even be ‘beamed’ across to an animal from a distance, just in case the animal does not like to be approached, or access is not available. In most cases pets love reiki sessions, as it makes them feel very relaxed.

An animal healer who practices reiki can help your pets recover from many illnesses, injuries, and emotional issues. Disabled animals in particular can be helped so much with reiki. Obviously the physical disabilities they have can be helped by the relaxing nature of a reiki healing session, allowing the body to relax and restore a balanced system. Then from an emotional aspect, we can see that reiki can also benefit disabled animals. They may feel frustrated and vulnerable, perhaps helpless and sad due to the disability, especially if it is relatively new to them. A reiki treatment (or a few sessions in some circumstances) can bring that happiness and contentment back into their lives by acting on the emotional side of their being. It can help them come to terms with a disability so they can get on with enjoying their life with you.

Just as with humans, animals rely on their energetic level being in a state of balance and harmony. Whether you use reiki, massage, animal communication, or any other alternative therapies for your pets, they will respond on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. Sometimes it is instant and tangible, other times it can have subtler or hidden effects, but animals always respond well to reiki sessions. By offering our pets the love and support they need, they will respond and lead healthier, happier lives.

Reiki can also be given to pets as part of their general health care. Just as we might go for a massage or spa day to get pampered and get rid of the pains and stresses of modern life, a reiki session can have the same effect on our animals. Disabled animals will undoubtedly carry more stress, whether physical or emotional, so we need to ensure they have more support and healing than other pets. It is deeply relaxing, and time spent with a reiki healer is something your pet will love you for. If you have never experienced reiki yourself, I would suggest you book a session with your local reiki therapist to find out how wonderful it feels. I’m sure you’ll want your pet to feel it too!

Jason Wickens

Jason lives in the UK and offers animal healing and other therapies for pets. His website at has a wealth of information for helping your pets live a better life with you.